The questions of whether – and to what extent – unjust enrichment may arise because of an invalid work contract are rather complex, and the answers in these cases will depend on various factors (e.g. whether the contracting party is also the owner of the property built based on the invalid work contract, etc.).

If the contracting party also owns the resulting work (real estate), the extent of non-financial unjust enrichment will depend on the usual price, i.e. the amount which the enriched person would have had to spend at the given place and time to receive a comparable benefit (see Supreme Court judgment file No. 23 Cdo 5753/2015 dated September 6, 2016).The Supreme Court has, thus, rejected the practice of lower courts, which decided on the degree of unjust enrichment by considering the lowest possible amount that the enriched person would have had to spend to receive a similar benefit at that place and time.

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