From 16th to 17th May 2017, the publishing house Economia organized the 2nd annual conference focusing on innovation in providing legal services "Innovative Legal Services Forum", this time along with workshops.

The conference had three main topics: Drawing from the experience of world leaders combining economic and law perspectives on resolving client issues; the possibility to use modern technologies and results continuously provided by start-ups in the legal environment, and trends in providing legal services and the expected evolution in our region.

All these topics were conjoined, as by a red thread, by the focus on the real needs of clients perceived in larger contexts, while the task of a lawyer is, in cooperation with other experts, to think out a complex functional solution (if possible other than litigation). The relationship built on an ongoing basis with the client and adjusting to his needs – however, while maintaining the firm culture, through which the law firm is “readable” and different from others – this is one of the formulas for the evolutionary survival of the law profession. Lawyers must leave their comfort zone, built over hundreds of years, and adjust to the exponentially developing technologies, including to artificial intelligence (AI). This can completely replace the original “human mind”, but, for the future, the effectiveness with the largest benefit for the client consists of searching for the ideal co-operation, across worlds of different professions including AI.

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