According to a Decision of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, File No. 22 Cdo 4043/2018, dated 27 March 2019, the provisions of the Civil Code governing boundaries (Section 1024, et seq. CC) cannot be applied in case of stairs located solely on the land lot owned by the defendants. The provisions governing boundaries apply exclusively in case of structures built upon both neighboring plots of land or on top of the boundary line.

A similar principle used to be applied in case of Section 854 of the General Civil Code, according to which boundaries included furrows, fences and walls, private streams, sewers, and similar structures between neighboring plots of land. This view is supported by current decisions from Austrian courts, which apply the unchanged text of Section 854 of the General Civil Code to this day. The Austrian Supreme Court decided that boundary structures only included structures located “between two plots of land”, i.e., located partially on one plot and partially on the other.

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