We work intensively, passionately, and with overwhelming enthusiasm for law, in particular when dealing with complex legal issues. We explain complicated matters simply so that our client is able to understand the essence of the complex legal problem within a few short moments.

In spite of having a strong academic background and working with leading academic experts, our legalese is not academic at all, purely practical and understandable. Our legal opinions analyse the legal issue at hand so that the client invariably takes added value from them. We analyse legal issues from different angles and look for safe and pragmatic solutions that are based on our own experience of domestic and international transactions. We endeavour to make sure that the expert output from the office is of the highest possible standard. We keep an eye on the latest trends in various aspects of law, we discuss legal topics in-house and try to analyse the approaches of law from abroad in dealing with issues, foreign decision-making practice included.

It is important to us that our colleagues see that our work is part of broader contexts and aspects, that our clients pursue their own economic objectives, and that every transaction has further contexts and impacts - tax, accounting, etc. 

Our trainee lawyers are not under the pressure of a precisely-set number of hours or the need to spend all of their time at the office. We respect the principles of the work-life balance and try to take an individual approach to everyone in line with his or her specific needs.

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